Monday, April 4, 2011

The 86 - Blood, Sweat, & Tears!
On Friday, April 1st, 2011, the 86 opened to the public...this was nearly a year in the making and two and a half years in the waiting for what was to come!
When the 86 was coming together and a location was being found, I was leaving Covenant with some question about what it was I would do. God’s timing is great while at times quite stressful. Throughout the process of purchasing the building where the ministry of The 86 takes place, Chris and Monica Human took a leap of faith believing that the money would be there when it was needed and at the last possible moment, it was there! Anytime during the cleaning and renovating that supplies or help was needed the funds, supplies, or people would be there! So many of us involved in this thing don’t have the most financially stable lives or jobs but we believe in the vision of Chris and Monica and in this ministry and put everything we could into it alongside them.
The week leading up to the opening many long days were put in trying to get everything done. We didn’t get everything done but enough was accomplished to open without much of a hitch. Tom Conlon, one of the artists scheduled to perform during the Grand Opening, was at the club helping until 4am in the morning on Friday so that things could be ready to go at 8pm on Friday night. People worked right up until the doors opened to get things done. When all was said and done, it felt right to be back with these people working to provide not just entertainment but a community of hope and love to a population that doesn’t feel they are loved or a sense of hope in this dark world.
The location of The 86 is perfect to be reaching the people we feel led to minister among...the very same people that seem to be drawn to us for some reason or another. The name of the club alludes to the rejection by society (and in some ways the rejection of society) of the rocknroll crowd. Many of us involved in the ministry also have been the rejected. We have found a hope in Jesus Christ the fulfilled us and gave us a purpose in this life and we want to share that hope to everyone that crosses our path.
The 86 will be a welcome place. We believe it will be life changing. There are so many other things in the works for The 86 such as studios, practice spacs, artist and band development, and apartments as well as the various ministries that each of these opportunities will bring. We are committed to this and have great anticipation for what is to come now that we are on the other side of the grand opening!
Financial needs remain unfortunately...if you happen to have anything you could give please visit the ministry website and donate. Your money goes completely into serving the community with this club.

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