Friday, May 20, 2011

Regarding The May 19th Show @ 4114 Witler


Last night, May 19th, I opened my home for a show with A Better Life, Sir Veillance, Fingers Crossed, Thieves, and Take It and Run. I did this because I have a long standing love for the music "scene" and the people in it and enjoy the community that comes through it. I have been hosting house shows for a while now with various sects of the local music scene and plan to continue doing so for as long as I have a space available to do it. I have been attending concerts since '92 which may be longer than some of you have been alive. Since moving to Cincinnati in '07 I worked for a short time with The Underground then started booking my own shows at Covenant just a few blocks from my house prior to moving in here and doing the house shows. Currently I also work with The 86.

Often, folks "outgrow" the music scene after their college years when the "American Dream" and pressure to get a "real job" but my desire and passion is to do my part to continue building into the music scene wherever I happen to be. Sadly, the DIY aspect of the local music scene is struggling as fewer and fewer folks are willing to allow bands to play in their basements or other spaces. There are many reasons for this such as noise complaints from neighbors, folks getting burnt out on putting effort into something that has very little return, or folks taking advantage of those who provide the space with their disrespect.

Thankfully, I have had no complaints for the noise that results from my house shows and I am nowhere near the point of burning out on doing this. Sadly, last night someone did act in a disrespectful manner by taking my video camera - a JVC Everio HD camcorder with a 80 GB hard drive.

This is the first time something like this has happened so I do not have any desire to call it quits because of this one incident. In fact, I accept some of the blame be leaving the camera unattended. I know better than that...sadly with the lack of integrity and self respect, people cannot be trusted in this day and age. I should not have left a temptation that is easily concealed like that camera sitting out where anyone could grab it and run.

What I have to say about this is if the person who grabbed the camera happens to be reading this: You are forgiven. I will not hold this against you. Material things like this can be replaced but I am bummed about losing around 6 hours of footage that I had not yet transferred to my computer.

I am putting the matter to rest and if you return it even now, I won't say a word about it to you or to others. I absolutely will not involve the police. I simply would greatly appreciate it if the camera was returned. Please redeem yourself of this selfish and stupid act and be a person of integrity. Thank you.

For those who donated toward the purchase of a replacement of my camera...THANK YOU! you are all RAD people and your act of kindness outweighs the act of stupidly by whoever took the camera. To the bands, thank you for a great night up to that point. To those offering to do a benefit show to raise more funds again THANK YOU! My funds have been lacking much of this year so I don't really have much extra to replace an expensive item like this camera. I appreciate your kindness.

Thanks for your time.
Joel A. Swanson

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