Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome To The Future!

Well things have ended for me at Covenant and I believe ended in the best possible way. Thanks to everyone that was part of the shows held there during my time and a special thank you to the bands involved in the April shows. There was something absolutely special about both nights and this last one was an incredible experience!

I'd love to still book shows but at this time, I don't have a space to host the shows. If you happen to be a Cincinnati coffeeshop, bar, DIY space, or anyone that is willing to host LIVE music and would like to work together please contact me at Let's see what we can do.

If you are a band that ever played at Covenant then you know how I work and that same culture will continue at any show I am part of. If you'd like to continue working with me please contact me at I will do the best I can to find a place for you to play.

Soon, I will be part of the 86 Club on Short Vine. This is a ministry and a venue started by Chris & Monica Human, founders of the Underground. Though I don't necessarily know what my role will be with this I will certainly be involved. Please check out as there are ways you can also be involved and help get the club ready to be used.

As with the Covenant Shows page, I will post information on the shows here so check back for more details. At this point I can direct you to these couple of shows:

Saturday May 22nd - Sigma Theta Epsilon Benefit for 86 Ministries starting at 7pm. $5 suggested donation which goes entirely to 86Ministries (3035 Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45220)

Sunday May 30th @ 10pm - Girlfight with Red Knife Lottery (Blue Rock Tavern - 4114 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45223)

I look forward to the possibilities that are in store through all of this!
Much Love!

Joel A. Swanson
(513) 262-0775

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